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Custom Events List

Elise Alexander

Titled Open Secrets

Media |

Created by Elise Alexander

Maria de Bruyn

Titled Bumble bee gathering pollen on St. John’s wort

Media | Photography

Created by Maria de Bruyn

Sharon Hardin

Titled Sunspots

Media | Watercolor

Created by Sharon Hardin

Jean Kaplan

Titled Crooked Creek

Media | Weaving

Created by Jean Kaplan

Lilly Langer

Titled Red Roof Barn 

Media | Oil

Created by Lilly Langer

Duncan Lewis

Titled Pig

Media | Cast Bronze

Created by Duncan Lewis

Wayne Marcelli

Titled Untitled (martyr)

Media | Oil on canvas

Created by Wayne Marcelli

Miriam Sagasti

Titled Beautiful Peonies

Media | Watercolor

Created by Miriam Sagasti

Farid Sani

Titled Shepherd

Media |

Created by Farid Sani

Eric Serritella

Titled Unfurled

Media | Ceramic

Created by Eric Serritella

Old Well

By Rachel Herrick
Installed March 2017

Located at the intersection of Cameron Avenue and Wilson Street. This crosswalk depicts one of the most iconic symbols of UNC-Chapel Hill, the Old Well.  Herrick chose to portray the Old Well because of its importance to the history of the school and surrounding area.

Downtown Chapel Hill Tree Lighting + Holiday Lights

December 1 | 6 PM
University Baptist Church

Kick off Downtown Chapel Hill’s holiday season with a sparkling tradition. Franklin Street will be alight as University Baptist Church hosts the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in Memorial Garden on the corner of Columbia and Franklin St. Enjoy a visit from Santa and Ms. Claus, caroling, and UBC Youth will have hot cocoa and baked goods available for purchase.

More information available here. 

Menorah Lighting at The Pit

December 2 | 12-3 PM
UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Pit

Hosted by Chabad at UNC-Chapel Hill/Duke University. All are welcome to light up The Pit! Enjoy music, latkes, and donuts.

More information available here. 

Conscious Holiday Bazaar

December 7 | 1-4 PM
The Courtyard at 431 W. Franklin Street

Hosted by Thousand Petals Yoga and Franklin St. Yoga. The Conscious Holiday Bazaar is a vibrant and curated holiday market full of gifts and self-care experiences which support zero-waste efforts and small, local makers.  This event is fun for the whole family with upcycled gift wrapping, mini bodywork sessions on site, beeswax candle decorating for kids, hot cocoa, and more!

More information available here. 

Carolina Inn Holiday Gift Market

December 8, 15, 24 | 12-4 PM
Carolina Inn Lawn at 211 Pittsboro Street

Don your Santa hat, bundle up the kids, and enjoy the holiday season at The Carolina Inn during three special markets on December 8th, 15th and 22nd. Featuring vendors from across N.C., you’ll find an abundance of hand crafted yuletide gifts – from chocolates and jewelry to garlands and ornaments – along with Carolina Inn’s delicious selection of food and beverages. For more family-friendly holiday activities, check out the Carolina Inn’s 12 days of Christmas.

More information available here. 


By Mary Carter Taub
Installed March 2017

Located at the intersection of East Rosemary and Henderson.  The lines are intended to replicate UPC barcodes with pedestrians “scanning” the UPC barcode as they walk across mimicking a real-life barcode.  The UPC barcode has local roots in the surrounding Triangle — it was invented in the 1970’s by IBM in Raleigh’s Research Triangle Park.

2nd Friday Holiday Art Walk

December 13 | 6-9 PM
Franklin Street

Take a festive stroll down Franklin Street on December’s 2nd Friday for a Holiday Art Walk! The sidewalks will feature luminaries and twinkling lights. Enjoy local art, beverages, downtown eats, and more!

Update: due to rain, there will be no luminaries on Franklin Street this evening. 

Santa Rooftop Rescue


December 20 | 5:30-7:30 PM
140 West Plaza on the corner of Church and Franklin Street

We’ve heard that Santa might find himself in a tricky situation in downtown Chapel Hill this December – and you’re invited to see how he makes out! Join us at the 140 West Plaza for holiday music, hot cocoa, and treats – and keep your eyes peeled for Santa on a nearby rooftop. We’ll call in the Chapel Hill Fire Department’s brave firefighters to rescue Santa and bring him safely down to earth. Stick around after the rescue while Santa and the firefighters greet children and hand out candy canes. Hot beverages and treats available for purchase from Tenco Coffee truck.

More information available here. 


By Lope Max Diaz
Installed March 2017

Located across from Shortbread Lofts on West Rosemary Street. His design incorporates minimalist geometric patterns with colors and symbols of Chapel Hill and the University. If you look closely, the design abstractly spells out “walk.”

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Holiday Parade

December 14 | 10 AM-12 PM
Downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro

The annual Chapel Hill – Carrboro Holiday parade celebrates a wide variety of community groups, from marching bands and dance troupes, to local businesses, officials, and non-profit organizations. The parade begins at 10 in front of the Morehead Planetarium and ends around noon at Carrboro Town Hall.  Arrive early to grab a good spot along the parade route, which marches down Franklin Street through Main Street in Carrboro.

More information available here. 


By Amy Hoppe
Installation currently being installed December 2019

Located at the intersection of Rosemary St. & Church St, this is the newest of the four projects. Hoppe’s design references a historical element in Chapel Hill’s architecture — brick sidewalks and buildings throughout downtown and campus.

Cathylee Mahin

Titled At The Disco

Media | Watercolor

Created by Cathylee Mahin

Merritt’s Pasture

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Mikyoung Kim, an environmental artist, designer, and sculptor, created a phenomenon that attracts crowds of people. The Exhale sculpture is an event-based experience that considers the scarcity of water in the region. The mist is a welcome refreshment for passersby and people who want to linger in the square.


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Southern Community Park

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Our values

In addition to the Townʼs RESPECT values, we champion values that speak directly to the work of Community Arts & Culture:


Arts and culture are for the many, not the few. We embrace diversity and advance equity within our community and the world.

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