Art + Transit

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The Art + Transit program aims to bring more vibrancy to the daily commute by enlivening unsuspecting spaces. Since 2018, Art + Transit has been commissioning Triangle-based artists to create art for many bus stops and buses around Chapel Hill and Carrboro. The open call for artists happens in February each year.

Art Buses

Bold colors. Prominent graphics. Inspiring words. Keep your eyes out for art on wheels!

Ceiling Vinyls

Look up for inspirational art and messages.

Civil Rights Shelters

The Town of Chapel Hill observed the sixtieth anniversary of the Colonial Drug Store sit-in with bus shelter designs and a permanent historical marker honoring the Chapel Hill Nine. The sit-in sparked a decade of direct-action civil rights demonstrations in Chapel Hill. These shelters feature dramatic photos by Jim Wallace of protesters on Franklin Street from the book Courage in the Moment.

Stellar Transportation Constellations

By Max Dowdle
Installed 2022

Located on the bases of light poles at the Transit Facility


“Like the celestial landmarks of ancient seafarers, modern signage and route-making has become a necessity for wayfinding during our day to day perambulations. Stellar Transportation Constellations simplifies and enshrines the distilled icons of our commute, rendering them in bright colors amid a sea of stars in the purples and blues of the night sky. This work of art was created in dedication to all the hard-working drivers and maestros of infrastructure that ensure we get where we’re going as safely as possible.”

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