Art + Transit

Art + Transit aims to bring more artistic vibrancy to the daily commute — enlivening a space that is typically dull.

Since 2018, Art + Transit has been commissioning Triangle-based artists to create art for many bus shelters around Chapel Hill and Carrboro. In 2020, art took a new form around the exterior of a bus. Keep an eye out for the LatinX Pride bus around the community.

Art + Transit is possible by a collaboration with Chapel Hill Transit to bring public art into more public spaces.

Orgullo Latino | LatinX Pride Bus

By Georges Le Chevallier


As a Latinx Artist, I believe that is extremely important to represent Latinx people in a positive image. Even though the majority of Latinx immigrants are extremely honest and hard-working people, that is not how they are seen by many people. Being born from a Puerto Rican Mother and having lived most of my childhood in Puerto Rico, I can personally understand the great pride we have towards the many Hispanic people making a constructive impact on our society. Today thousands of Hispanics now call the Traingle their home.
Celebrating the great moment that Hispanic culture is having here in North Carolina, I am proposing to create the “Orgullo Latino / Latinx Pride” Bus for Chapel Hill Transit.

In “Orgullo Latino / Latinx Pride” Bus I juxtapose visual patterns of colors with Spanish words that characterize Latinx people living at the beginning of this new millennium. Nothing divides people more than language, so my aim is to bring people together by showing them Spanish and English words coexisting together.The “Orgullo Latino / Latinx Pride” Bus also pays tribute to the many colorful buses in Latin America, from Chiva Buses in the Andean region of South America to the famous “Chicken Buses” in Central American countries like Guatemala.

Civil Rights Shelters

The Town of Chapel Hill observed the sixtieth anniversary of the Colonial Drug Store sit-in with bus shelter designs and a permanent historical marker honoring the Chapel Hill Nine. The sit-in sparked a decade of direct-action civil rights demonstrations in Chapel Hill. These shelters feature dramatic photos by Jim Wallace of protesters on Franklin Street from the book Courage in the Moment.