Public Spaces Art Series

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Public Spaces is a long-standing indoor exhibition series bringing art to public spaces around Chapel Hill. This series speaks directly to our values of inclusion and experience by intentionally selecting artists and media and also greeting people in their daily life with art in unexpected places.

View the art on display on the lower level of Chapel Hill Public Library and at Chapel Hill Town Hall. The exhibits rotate every two months.

Gina Harrison

Chapel Hill Public Library | Mid-April – Mid-June 2024

ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: Jaunts, Journeys, and Flights of Fancy

Journey has likely been used as a metaphor for as long as people have told stories. Whether describing youth to age, innocence to enlightenment (or less optimistically, disillusion), or simply the path down a road less traveled, journey shines a light on the things we learn and see and do along the way.

Similarly, these works document a variety of personal journeys, big and small. Some reference musical works. Some are inspired by a memory, a morning walk, or a trip to the other side of the world. At least one is a journey interrupted, a musing on what might have been. They are primarily in a square format, of which the majority are abstracts. Even when working with no particular end in mind, if the brain can identify a line or mark as a horizon, I inevitably find myself in a landscape of sorts. I can’t tell you how to get there, except perhaps in dreams. Enjoy your journey.

Suijin Li

Chapel Hill Town Hall | April – May 2024


In recent years, I’ve discovered the captivating world of painting—an art form that allows me to express intricate designs through the interplay of colors and shapes. Drawing inspiration from Josef Albers’ pioneering studies on color, I’ve found myself delving deep into the realm of hues and their dynamic relationships. Many of my compositions pay homage to the breathtaking beauty of my native Venezuela, capturing the vivid colors found in its landscapes and the graceful allure of its native birds. This exhibit serves as a testament to my passion for color and the boundless creativity it allows me to explore.