Public Spaces Art Series

Public Spaces is a long-standing indoor exhibition series bringing art to public spaces around Chapel Hill. This series speaks directly to our values of inclusion and experience by intentionally selecting artists and media and also greeting people in their daily life with art in unexpected places.

The series is on display on the lower level of Chapel Hill Public Library and Chapel Hill Town Hall. Art is on display for two months at a time.

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Robyn Scott

Chapel Hill Public Library

Robyn Scott studied studio art at the University of California, Irvine earning a BA as well
as an MA from the Winchester School of Art in the UK. She lives and practices art in
Raleigh, NC.


Coming from the earthquake-prone West Coast, I didn’t see many older buildings, which is what made my adopted North Carolina home so fascinating. I had a wonderful opportunity to draw during my pre-pandemic travels, visiting a number of the Southeast coastal areas. I’m interested in the history of historic buildings and wonder who lived there and who built the structures, sometimes brick by brick? Which homes were rebuilt time and again after hurricanes, and which are scheduled for demolition? What skeletons live in the foundations of these buildings? Some of the stories are well documented and others are lost to history.

Barry Udis

Chapel Hill Town Hall 


My photographic exhibit at the Chapel Hill Town Hall encapsulates my work as a landscape artist. I have often tried to define my idea of art as it pertains to my photography; and I always return to this quote by a famous photographer, Walker Evans: “The matter of art in photography may come down to this. It is the capture and projection of the delight of seeing; it is the defining of observation full and felt.”  I enjoy not only seeing these wonderful places, but bringing them to share with others.