Public Spaces Art Series

Public Spaces is a long-standing indoor exhibition series bringing art to public spaces around Chapel Hill. This series speaks directly to our values of inclusion and experience by intentionally selecting artists and media and also greeting people in their daily life with art in unexpected places.

The series is on display on the lower level of Chapel Hill Public Library and Chapel Hill Town Hall. Art is on display for two months at a time.

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Lauren Ivey

Chapel Hill Public Library

For many years I have expressed my love of nature on canvas. In all of my work I search for the bits of ‘magic’ or the ‘mystery of life’ that I perceive. There are moments when I am out in nature and feel an energy all around me. I feel my presence within it, as part of it. These are sacred moments, often flashing by and missed. They are not made of thought, but of sensing .
There is a deep knowing to land, which speaks of extraordinary geological transformations that began long before we were here. In desserts where oceans once thrived, and on lands being taken back by the water. These are the places humans have built on for thousands of years; finding connection,
regenerating spirit, and dreaming of something more.
My work is a homage to the extraordinary magic of this planet, and to our long and absolute connection with it.

L. Jámal Walton

Chapel Hill Town Hall 

Over the last few years, I have experimented with doing more work within the realm of commercial narrative of comics. I try to examine every facet within the structure – from the energy designs of Kirby Krackle to the flow of pages, panels, colors, words, grawlix, lettering and lines. My interest is in how these elements function individually while creating unity from their separate parts. My desire is to always let the art speak for itself and let my audience create their own interpretations of  my art and the story that it has to tell.


Natty Roots is a series of black and illustrations illustrations of people with dreadlocks.  All illustrations, books, and zines are available for purchase.