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PUBLIC SPACES 2023 – 2024
An Indoor Exhibitions Series in Chapel Hill

Share your creative works with the Chapel Hill community! Inspire discussion and foster new perspectives for daily visitors of Chapel Hill Public Library and Chapel Hill Town Hall.

We seek artwork that inspires creativity and celebrates community for a better Chapel Hill. We value inclusion, experience, and understanding, and encourage submissions of work from diverse artists that touch on these values. New and established artists and curators are invited to submit works for individual or group shows. Selected artwork will be hung on venue walls for two-month periods between December 2023 and August 2024, and each exhibit’s lead artist or curator will receive a $200 stipend. Artwork may be for sale and no commission will be taken on works sold. Selected artists or curators who are interested in creating workshops or other programming related to their exhibit may develop these with arts staff for an additional stipend.

EXHIBIT STIPENDS: $200 per exhibit

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all Triangle Area artists, artist collectives, and curators aged 18+ creating original art that can be hung indoors.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 5 p.m., Monday, October 16.



The Town of Chapel Hill reserves the right to refuse any or all submissions or works, to refuse any finalist, and to waive informalities in procedures should it be determined that submissions or works are not adequate, or for any other reason prior to a written arrangement being reached.