Tracks Music Series: Bonies | Alicia Marie | Larry & Joe

September 15, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Rosemary & Columbia St. | Downtown Chapel Hill

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Live & Local Music

Thursday, September 15
6-9 PM
Rosemary & Columbia St. Parking Lot
Featuring Bonies, Alicia Marie, &  Larry & Joe

Together with Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, we’re hosting three free outdoor concerts on Thursday evenings in September. The lineup features acts from the newest cohort on Tracks Music Library. Each act will play a 45 minute set. Discover new music in a way it’s meant to be heard — live and in-person.

Free & open to all!


Genre: Indie rock

Music is our safe haven. Our home. We are explorers in this chaotic place we call earth! Music is our wonderland, it’s our life. When we are not playing music we are going to record stores, eating good food or discovering cool spots. We moved here from Arizona, looking to connect with other musicians. We appreciate every little thing about music entirely. Michael and I met from mutual musicians a few years ago. We have jammed here and there and got serious last summer. We worked on our music almost ten hours a day. We do it because we genuinely love it. We love seeing people’s creative sides! We are excited to see and experience as much as we can before we bite it.

Alicia Marie

Genre: Hip-hop

I go by the name Alicia Marie. I am a rapper, singer songwriter, poet. I have been making music and writing all of my life. Chapel Hill supported me and my art heavily when I first began performing years ago and continues to support me many years and breaks later. The artist scene in Chapel Hill has always held a special place for me because it was behind the people there I was able to find my voice.

Larry & Joe

Genre: World music

I have recently returned to my home state of NC after 14 years abroad. I am from Winston-Salem but just moved to Durham. I have built a couple ensembles in the area in the past few months. One a duo with a Venezuelan folk musician, a quartet with three local guys. But the album I’m submitting features musicians from across the state. It was recorded by Jason Richmond in Durham.

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