Public Spaces Exhibit: Jacqueline S. Dulin

June 4 - August 5, 2024
Chapel Hill Town Hall

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Chapel Hill Town Hall | June 4 – August 5, 2024

Town Hall hours of operation: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm


As an Asian American artist, my work explores the human experience through the lens of faith, culture, and identity. My paintings are the visual documentation of my personal story allowing me to process the interchange between my inner and outer worlds.

This body of work is inspired by the 1980’s homecoming and prom dresses my mother sewed for me. These 35+ year old dresses hold the memories of an American teenager growing up with misguided perceptions of beauty and status. My insecure teenage self understood little about womanhood while my middle-aged self attempts to embrace the insecurities of the natural progression of a decaying body and mind. Despite still fitting into these dresses, my body has aged and shifted. These dresses remain the same through the years but my body cannot. Which one has become more out-of-date and irrelevant? The dress? Or me?

Influenced by the biblical book of Ecclesiastes that life is a vapor, the Liminal series expresses the delicate, sacred, humbling, and beautiful human experience of growing old.

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