Art Around Town

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A Program for Town of Chapel Hill Departments

Welcome! Are you part of a Town department that’s interested in creating public art for/on your facility or infrastructure? We invite you to submit a request using the form below.

Before You Begin

  • Review the form. Consider budget, interests, and how your proposal relates to the initiatives of the Town’s public art program.
  • Seek help. We’re here to answer any questions you have. Reach out to public art coordinator, Steve Wright, to discuss your ideas and any considerations.
  • Gain support. Share your proposal with your department leadership to get initial approval.


If your project is for this year (FY23),  submit a proposal as soon as possible.

If your project is for next year (FY24), submit a proposal by July 2023.

After you submit a proposal, we’ll reply within two weeks.

Note: public art projects take time! It will take at least three months to plan, seek, and contract an artist for a project. After that, design and execution will take some additional months depending on the project .

Examples of Art Around Town Projects

Photos from top left going clockwise: Sun by Antonio Alanis at Mason Farms Road, Stellar Transportation Constellations by Max Dowdle at Transit Facility, Year of Jubilee: 1865 by Candy Carver at Hargraves Community Center, and South Estes Housing Mural by Molly Rose Freeman. 

Submit A Proposal

About Art Around Town

We created this program to develop a strategic approach to public art requests from Town departments. We want to be a useful resource, realize your idea, and bring more art to the town.

Art Around Town is a separate program from the Town’s Percent for Art program — where 1% of select construction projects fund public art at new Town facilities.