Earth Day, Every Day

The Town of Chapel Hill invites you to celebrate Earth Day all month long! We created a guide to fun activities, workshops, and challenges to inspire action for our environment this month.

Learn about local sustainability initiatives and environmental issues like climate change and reducing carbon footprint, waste management, stormwater management, preservation/appreciation of natural spaces and biodiversity, environmental justice.



Compost Curious?

Beginning April 24, deposit your food waste and table scraps at Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Made possible by Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market, Orange County Solid Waste Management, Brooks Composting, University Place, and the Town of Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill Farmers' Market

Get Outside

Elemental Landscapes at Southern Community Park

By Laura Haddad & Tom Drugan
Installed 2009

Located at Southern Community Park.

Using onsite natural materials, artists Haddad & Drugan created a series of landscape art installations called Elemental Landscapes. Made from salvaged boulders and trees, the installations reveal and surround different elements of earth, air, water, and flora. Installations include:
  • Water The boulder-ringed wetlands bowl
  • Air A circle of large rocks creating a community gathering place
  • Cairns Sets of stacked stones marking the park entrances
  • Stone markers Etched with references of historic and contemporary places of Chapel Hill

Greenway StoryWalk

Visit the Chapel Hill Public Library and check out their temporary StoryWalk featuring One Earth by Eileen Spinelli.

Find the Ents on Bolin Creek Trail

During Earth Week, April 18th-24th , be amongst the trees, read a good book series from the Chapel Hill Public Library, and along your journey see and collect images of a few Ents

What are Ents? Lord of the Rings fans might already be familiar with these mythical tree creatures. You’ll find them among the trees along Bolin Creek Trail between Umstead Drive and Hillsborough Road.

Send at least one image of an Ent with you and/or your friends and family to be entered to win a prize! Send photo to #ChapelHillEnts