Chapel Hill-Carrboro Holiday Parade FAQ

Can non-profits/community organizations have vehicles and still only pay a $40 registration fee?

Yes. It’s a $40 charge regardless of whether you are walking or mobile.  We only need to know if  you are walking/mobile for planning purposes.

Can we split up invoices so multiple people can register as one float?

We cannot split up invoices for multiple companies that want to register under one business.

Can I hand out candy, coupons and/or treats?

Items can be handed directly to parade viewers; items cannot be tossed to the general public.

Where should physical checks be sent?

Please send checks to:

Raleigh Jaycees
PO Box 20244, Raleigh, NC 27619

What's the maximum length for a float?

The maximum length is 45′.

I am riding on a horse in the parade. How should I get back to the parade start where my trailer is parked?

There are two options for horses. You can have a horse trailer waiting at the end of the parade or you can have a trailer directly behind the horse in the parade as a “float”.  Decorations are recommended on the trailer.

Can we give refunds to companies that registered but can no longer participate?

Unfortunately, we cannot process refunds.

Can bicycles/skateboards/etc. be used in the parade?


Can Santa hats be worn by participants?

Yes, and we encourage festive costumes. Please do not come fully dressed as Santa or looking similar to Santa.

Can food trucks and other vendors participate in the parade?

Unfortunately, no.

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